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August 1, 2008 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

This thought just crossed my mind. I don’t really have much of anything to back this up, but the smidgen of my brain that is a conspiracy theorist “wants to believe” it’s somewhat true. 

So, was the new X-Files movie, “I Want to Believe” set up to be a failure by 20th Century Fox in the hopes that its new show, “Fringe” (which has sort of been labeled an X-Files rip-off) would be perceived as the new, cool sci-fi show with a male and female FBI agent dynamic?  I know, I’m totally out on a limb here, but as I said, it just crossed my mind. 

In a nutshell, the new X-Files installment is being lambasted as a low-budget, rushed and super sub-par version of a bad TV episode. It’s almost like some sort of weird counter programming on Fox’s part. Who knows. It’s like they’re saying, “the X-Files are over. We made a movie that’s not good, but there’s a cool show with younger, hotter people on it that is from JJ Abrams and it’s gonna be like an all new X-Files show”. 

I haven’t seen the new X-Files, but I’ve read enough to know that I don’t want to. 

To give Fox credit, “Fringe” does look kind of cool. Pacey! Abaddon!  


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