Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.

August 13, 2008 at 12:08 am Leave a comment

Last week and this week (so far) have been NUTS-O!!  Just a lot of projects piled up and I got a little behind. Thank God I’m going on vacation on Thu, but it’s the “getting everything done” first that’s most annoying. Oh well, it’s work and that’s how it always is before vacation. I’m technically only going to be out of the office two days. I’m taking Mon off as well just in case I have flight delays on Sun and get in super late. My trip to Chicago in June definitely taught me that the airlines pretty much suck all the way around right now.

After being stuck at O’Hare for a really, really long time and having a flight canceled at 11:45pm is enough to make you want to choke someone. But, I made it back eventually. I just had to take an extra vacation day, because was unable to get on a flight until the following night.

Weather patterns haven’t been too bad so I’m hoping that everything will be just fine while flying to and from DC in the next few days.

Anyone have any good suggestions for things to do? I’ve been making my list!


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This just made me feel good. Chairdrobe

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