New look.

August 23, 2008 at 9:08 pm Leave a comment

Since I started this blog, I’ve changed it about 3 times in terms of layout templates and headers. I love the photo of the airplane wing and I want to bring it back someday, but right now I’m going to stick with my newly revised look. The wing photo is one I took shortly after take-off when I last flew to New York City in November of 2007. 

The current orange “JBLOG” look has just been updated yet again and I’m finally happy with it. It fits just like I wanted it to and I think I’ve come up with a title that I like. WordPress beats Myspace’s blogging capabilities big time. I’m really liking this and enjoying it. I hate to call blogging a “hobby” per se, but it does interest me and I think it’s a fascinating concept. I know there are millions of people doing it, but it sort of creates another creative outlet for me. I love to share things I find online and this is an easier way to do it than just emailing links and You Tube videos. So, subscribe if you like. I’m planning on posting often with interesting tidbits I find online, random thoughts I may be having or ideas I just want to share. And of course, there will be the occasional personal update. 

Thanks everyone for reading and posting comments!


Pretty much my sentiments exactly.

Pretty much my sentiments exactly.


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