US Open starts tomorrow… yay.

August 25, 2008 at 5:03 am Leave a comment


Roddick, you've been replaced. (Just kidding. I just wish I could quitcha)

Mr. Federerrrrr will most likely rule again this year. Roddick, you've been replaced. (Just kidding. I wish I could quitcha!)

Yep, any chance I get to watch TV this week will be spent with US Open coverage. Kate and Sandy get to go! LUCKY! Maybe I’ll see you in the stands. I’m sure that you guys will be looking so cool that the cameras will always be turning to you for reaction shots.

The last two years I’ve gotten more into playing and actually watching tennis TV. Occasionally, I would watch it in the past, but got bored too quickly. After you start playing it becomes a whole new thing. Watching makes it to where you can’t wait to get out and play again. It’s inspiring. 

I guess that’s why the local courts get backed during the US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. 

So, in the good ol’ spirit of jumping on the bandwagon, let me know if anyone wants to get out there and smack some balls around. That’s not what I meant, perverts!

Seriously, let me know if you wanna play. I’m game.


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