Biden’s credit cards.

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I'm Joe Biden and I approve this credit card application!!

I'm Joe Biden and I approve this credit card application!

I’ve made my choice about who I’m voting for in November. I’ve also stated that no candidate will ever be the perfect candidate either. I’m supporting Obama because I feel there is just more “hope” there. I don’t agree with all of the policies, but I agree with enough of them. I agree with some of McCain’s issues, but he doesn’t inspire. Maybe 8 years ago, I would’ve been more apt to get behind him. Actually, in 2000 I was behind McCain and then Bush and Co screwed him over big time. Oh well, that’s politics, right?

So, I had been curious about delving into Joe Biden’s past a little in regards to the infamous “credit card bankruptcy” bill from 2005. It’s reared it’s ugly head just a little bit since he was announced as Obama’s running mate. I found quite a bit online about it, but one of the more recent entries was on Huffington Post and it’s not kind. This was a terrible bill and according to HuffPo it was supported by many Republicans (including McCain) and too many Democrats (including Biden). 

As a person who has had credit card debt in the past and has overcome it, I hate credit card companies. I know their shady tactics and how they would prefer you be late on your payment and only pay the absolute minimum balance in order to charge you a late fee and keep charging you a high interest rate respectively. So, I get a little riled up when I read about legislation that puts even more money in the hands of credit card companies, their lobbyists and the politicians who accept their “gifts”. 

I’m still onboard for the “change we can believe in” vote, but I’m watching ever more closely. I’m beyond taste-testing the Kool-Aid, but merely sipping on it at this point. 

That’s all.


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