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In trying to get this blog back up and running, I figured I’d write about the finale I’m still reeling a bit from since Sunday night. Stop reading now if you don’t care. You’ve been warned.

First of all, I liked the finale episode titled “The End”. I say “liked” because that’s exactly what it was upon first viewing. Also, I was a little confused by it. That’s what happens when I’ve had a few Dharma beers and “secret Island punch” (made by a fellow LOSTie) during the show. I don’t mean I was inebriated. I was just trying to take it all in and sometimes I’m just better watching LOST completely by myself and without a drink or five. Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy watching the show with my friends over the years. It’s been a super-rad experience doing that. I always tend to glean a bit more from an episode when I re-watch it alone.

And that’s exactly what I did last night. I had the house to myself for a few hours, so I sat back and watched last week’s episode “What They Died For” as a primer (Good sweet Jesus, I love DVR technology) and then moved immediately onto the finale. All of this while doing three loads of laundry, mind you.

I can now say that I loved the final episode of this crazy-ass TV show that mixed action-adventure, mysticism, science fiction, religious ideas and seldom ever solved mysteries. The fact that many mysteries of the show that have been opened on the show over the last six seasons, were not answered is pretty annoying to me when you consider the amount of energy put into some of them by the writers. However, when all was said and done, I “let go” and just went with it. At first I felt a little cheated. I think this was because I didn’t entirely get it upon first viewing. Then, after talking about it with a couple of friends and analyzing a bit more, I realized that there was not another way it could have ended (for me anyway) that would have been as satisfying on the emotional level.

A lead anchor on Good Morning America (why I watch morning news shows I do not know. It’s a habit from a very young age) started yapping about LOST in an “Around the Water Cooler” segment and she just flat out said, “and they were all in Purgatory…”  This was coming from a woman who works for the parent company (ABC) which produces LOST. So, it was evident that many people may not have gotten the gist of the ending of the last episode and not realized the sideways universe we’d seen all season was actually the Purgatory-like timeless realm where our departed characters had hung out in limbo until moving on to the real afterlife.

This brings me to the elements of the finale that packed the greatest punch. No, we didn’t get a lot of answers to much of anything. No more information about the Dharma Initiative. Nothing more about Walt. Why can’t the smoke monster travel past those force field pylons? Ugh, there are too many to list. What we did get was some great moments of enlightenment where our characters in the sideways universe finally became blissfully aware of their Island lives by being reunited with those they’d loved then. It all sounds silly and it is a little bit, but by golly, it worked and I loved it.

When Jack goes into the church to view his dead father’s body and discovers he is not in the coffin, we hear Christian Shephard’s voice behind him and definitely realize something is up and that Jack is now dead. He tells him that he is indeed dead and that many have died long before him and many after him. They are in a place beyond space and time. There is no time here. The sideways universe was seemingly formed from the collective subconsciousness of the Island’s castaways (and some others) who all interacted with Jack. He was told he needed them and they needed him. They were part of the most important part of his life. Everything that happened there did indeed happen. We didn’t get a “it was all a dream” or “the Island was a spaceship” BS cop-out. Some fans probably find this ending a cop-out, but I didn’t. I thought it was pretty much perfect.

The final scenes were pretty much the finest LOST has ever produced. It took us back to the bamboo forest where we were first introduced to Jack Shephard (and Vincent the dog). As Jack lay dying on the ground, he looked up into the sky to see the remaining castaways (those who chose to leave), fly away on the Ajira flight that emergency landed (crashed sort of) in season 5. Vincent runs up, licks him on the face and lays down beside him like a good dog does. At this point, I have become a blubbering idiot, by the way. Jack smiles and we get a close-up of his eye (an iconic LOST staple). The eye closes and we jump-cut to black. The End, indeed.

This show has been my absolute favorite for the last six years and I can’t wait to start it over and watch it all unfold again with a very hindsight 20/20 perspective. It’s my new Star Trek. So many great and wonderful things about it. I’m going to miss it, but very glad it’s done.


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